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Pam's approach to adult happiness is rooted in many skills that promote confidence and well-being.  Firstly, self-esteem is built through warm regard for one’s self.  So often people judge them self  as unworthy of regard, or, the opposite, superior to others.  Both lead to isolation, and difficulty with intimate relationships.  If one’s thinking is respectful, honoring, and nonjudgemental, the business of life becomes easier, at work, school, and relationally.  Then we are able to give our best self.

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​Challenges can be positive or negative.  When a challenge is positive, it may create an inner tension that is accepted as an opportunity to extend ourself and enhance our life through deeper appreciation of our feelings and values.  The factor that makes a challenge negative and creates stress is fear. 

Fear is a painful emotion signaling a state of alarm. It iinitiates the brain’s fight, flight or freeze response which can be appropriate unless the alarm keeps signaling.  Fear can be treated on a mental level with knowledge and on an emotional level with love.  When we are in pain or ill, the body is speaking to us of a genuine need that we can uncover. 

Through psychotherapy, we learn to compassionately interpret what the mind and body are saying to us, and, gain a release from fear.



Some people disengage and wall off from the feedback of others, because they are flooded by the intensity of the interchange.  In this case, one needs to learn how to create safety and remember personal choices.  By learning to read signals of distress in the body, research shows that we can self-soothe and speak more calmly in these situations.  When communication is enhanced, we feel confident, have greater energy for engaging challenges positively, intelligently and creatively.  Learning to stay calm and respectful is key.

Everyone needs to have boundaries that are based on respect for self and others.  It is common to become too permeable to what others think of you, how they speak to you, and forget how to stay engaged while standing up for yourself.  


Diane Pisanos

I have known Pam for almost two decades, personally and professionally.  I appreciate Pam’s practice of naturally integrating psychotherapy with Jin Shin Jyutsu--a necessary mindbody practice that supports optimal growth.  When I receive a Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment from Pam,

I feel so relaxed, cared for, and connected to myself. 

Her Jin Shin Jyutsu classes are fun and worth every minute! I value Pam’s commitment to her own personal growth, living life to the fullest with authenticity and integrity.

Kelly and Joe

Prior to therapy, our relationship was full of ups and downs, from hurt and anger to the other end of the spectrum of blissful love.  Our couple’s therapy with Pam has given us the tools to dissipate these extreme swings. 

The communication tools we learned through Pam have strengthened our marriage and spilled over to our personal and professional lives. 

It has been a journey full of love, compassion, awareness and understanding for each other, enabling our marriage to grow to levels we never would have imaged.




Pamela Benison, M.A.

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